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Gray & Pace ~

What a day! You both are the sweetest kindest souls. Last year when I met these wonderful humans Gray handed me his new drone and said ‘”hey just take this to shoot with for a few months to see if you like it. “(me thinking god I hope I don’t crash my clients drone, this isn’t going to end well for me!). I luckily didn’t crash the drone… but this just shows the type of caring and amazing people you meet and you just think will you be my best friend within 5 minutes??

Another time Gray dropped everything to come and tag my electrical computer stuff for a wedding fair last year so I didn’t have to get it all tagged and tested on the day. This is the type of RAD people whose wedding we witnessed on Saturday – okay I could rave about them forever because it was the most beautiful amazing day!

My favourite parts of the day:

* Gray and Pace listened to me about confetti… I thought oh yeah more is more 4 confetti canons will be enough confetti. There was so much confetti it was a sea of confetti – people drowning in confetti.. maybe note to myself that 4 confetti canons is a lot of confetti.
* It was so sweet seeing the love from all the families and how kind and caring all their friends and family were.
* Gray was so emotional in the ceremony which was so adorable – attached pic for proof haa – he said he hadn’t cried since he was 21 so it was so sweet! Shows how much they love each other.
* Their whole day started at 7.30am with the boys having a dip in the lake in budgie smugglers with bow tie fronts – hilarious (I kept reminding them boudoir photography wasn’t my specialty) !
* The wedding was a yummy bunch from Double Black – french toast, bagels, granola, eggs so GOOD! It meant Gray and Pace could spend the whole day with their guests before we had a epic session for pics at golden hour – which is the best time for pics!
* Gray’s mum made a perfect 3 tier wedding cake – she was so happy when it stayed up perfectly she cried it was so cute – it really looked like a real professional job!!
* Flowers from Gypsy always my fav part of the day because she is so amazing at flowers!
* Pace’s Grace Loves Lace dress was incredible!
* Pace wore bare feet with beautiful jewellery on her feet for the ceremony and white Converse for the photos a girl after my own heart.
* They both stayed so true to themselves with a super relaxed vibe throughout the day.

We had such a epic day with you both!!! Thank you for being RAD!

X Char


Videography and Photography: Charlotte Kiri Photography you can see Gray and Pace’s video here.
Ceremony Venue: Lake Hawea View
Dress: Grace Loves Lace
Brides shoes: CONVERSE
Brides flowers: The Vase Flora & Foliage
Hair and Makeup: Brides friends
Celebrant: Couples family friend
Catering: Double Black
Chairs and furniture: The Rustic Rabbit



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