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HI!!! You’ve found your way to my contact page! YAY!



Every wedding that goes by I realise the importance of us being a good team. You need to feel comfortable with me and I need to feel comfortable with you to make magic happen, so I encourage every client to meet or skype me before booking their wedding to make sure we are a perfect fit!


On the enquiry form I’d love both your full names (this helps with booking in). I’d love to hear about your dress, venue, cake, about you both and what makes you tick, how many people will be there… all the good stuff. The more details the better!



If you are price shopping and emailing a 100 photographers off google, i’m not the photographer for you! I only take on a maximum of 20-25 weddings a year and 1 per weekend, so it’s so important for me to book clients who are super excited for me to be photographing their day, love my photography style and laugh at my lamo jokes! Like so excited they go and buy confetti canons, because they know I love confetti!


I will get back to you within two working days (I don’t answer emails on weekends). If you haven’t heard back from me in this time, please make sure to check your spam/junk folders, or txt me on +64 21 0294 2180 as sometimes messages get lost in internet land and quite often the contact form email has been put in incorrectly so I can’t respond to you! 🙁


x Charlotte


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