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HI!!! You’ve found your way to our contact page! YAY!


Every wedding that goes by we realise the importance of us being a good team. You need to feel comfortable with us and we need to feel comfortable with you to make magic happen, so we encourage every client to meet or skype us before booking their wedding to make sure we are a perfect fit!


Our clients value photography, love our work and want to book us not just for our photos, but also what we will bring to their day!  I like to wear a variety of hipster hats and Nike shoes, we are down to earth and caring.  We will be involved with you from your timeline planning, bouncing ideas back and forth and by the wedding day we will hopefully be awesome friends. If this is what you want then fill out the form below!


On the enquiry form I’d love both your full names (this helps with booking in). I’d love to hear about your passions, hobbies, lives, your plans for your day  and what makes you tick.. all the good stuff.


My engagement packages start at $650. Elopements from $1500 and my wedding packages start at $3400.


I will get back to you within two working days. If you haven’t heard back from me in this time, please make sure to check your spam/junk folders, or txt me on +64 21 0294 2180 as sometimes messages get lost in internet land.


x Charlotte


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