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Why we focus on family, as well as mountains

Going through two years of a pandemic has really made us realise the importance of capturing not just the epic mountains, but also the special people at your wedding.

A pandemic makes you realise that life is so fleeting and those you love may not be around for ever. Which is why when you get married even though you may not want to do them,  family photos are actually important.

Last month we lost Bruno’s mum and it was truly devastating, but as we looked through the images on our special day, we felt at peace that we had so many lovely moments of us together at our wedding.

It brought to the forefront the significance of capturing these moments for our couples and that we understand how important it is to create memories, which will last a lifetime when people may not be around for ever.

A few bits of advice to help your wedding photographers capture candid moments with family members and special friends on your wedding day:

  • Have your parents, or grandparents get ready with you in this morning so your photographers/videographer can get some beautiful moments together when your hair and makeup look good.
  • Get your mum to put on your dress, dad do up your tie, sister to put on your veil so you are creating moments that the photographer/videographer can document. If you want candid moments with special people then think of some ways to include them, so we can document it.
  • Make sure that significant people in your life are given a role in the wedding so the photographer/videographer captures it. E.g a reading, signing the register, a speech at dinner etc.
  • Give significant people at the wedding a button hole, flower etc to wear. The photographer/videographer may not know who everyone is as we are meeting everyone for the first time and it can be overwhelming who is who, but this shows us who is important to you without us having to ask!
  • Important people should be at the front of the wedding ceremony in the front seats.
  • In the reception, seat important people so we have a direct line of sight to their faces (also near the front if possible).
  • All significant people in your lives should be in the family photos following the ceremony.
  • Go and talk to significant people following the ceremony and in the reception so that the photographer/videographer has a chance to capture a candid moment of you together (if you don’t talk to someone all night it will be hard for a image to be captured of you together).
  • Consider a smaller sized wedding. Small gatherings make it easier for everyone to be covered by the photographer/videographer.
  • Have a Polaroid camera for people to take photos of each other on each table, or a photo-booth like our friends at The Float O Booth so guests also can take photos.


Hope this helps. We can’t wait to capture some special family moments for you!


x Charlotte & Bruno