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Award winning photographer

Charlotte Kiri ‘Top 10 Emerging Wedding Photographer in Australasia’

A bit of exciting news within our bubble today. Last year I entered the Top Emerging Photographer competition for Australasia with Capture magazine! There were so many amazing entries from throughout Ozzie and NZ and so I was blown away to find out I placed Top 10 twice!!!

One of my portfolios placed 6th and one 10th (so two portfolios within the top 10 in Australasia).

This past month has been so hard for wedding vendors and this lovely piece of news is so needed at this hard time. I am so happy and feeling so blessed that people love my work and that I have been recognised on this scale as one of the Top 10 Emerging wedding photographers in Australasia.

I have attached my 3 portfolios I entered i’m not sure currently which one placed where.

Thanks so much to everyone support love you all!

x Char