Charlotte Kiri Photography Wanaka

Picking the right Wedding Photographer

How I work:

I like to laugh and joke ~ It’s the way I work and how I capture a lot of the candid photos you see on my website. When booking a wedding photographer it’s so important to make sure you gel with them, which is why I encourage all couples to give me a call, meet me, or a skype so we can get to know each other!  I am serious when it comes down to business time and your ceremony, but I am definitely not serious all day!  I love nothing more than to make people happy… a bit of banter and big belly laughs!

I’ll also probably have a wee tear in my eye when you walk down the aisle, but I’ll keep shooting anyway!

You have to feel comfortable with me and I have to feel comfortable with you to make magic happen. You have to trust me with your most intimate moments and to feel comfortable sharing one of the most special days of your lives with me (or whoever you end up choosing).

There is no point picking the BEST wedding photographer money can buy if you don’t feel comfortable with them enough to let down your walls. So my advice to YOU ~ After connecting with someone’s photos make sure you connect with them as a person! This part is often overlooked by couples who fall in love with photos on a website, but fail to connect with the photographer they have picked and then the photos come out with no emotion.

Connection and authentic moments are what makes my heart flutter. The moment a brides father sees her for the first time in her gown – their little girl growing up. The moment as a man sees his wife-to-be walking down the aisle towards him. I could go on, but I may end up crying into my breakfast!

That to me is the difference between a GOOD photographer and a GREAT one. Past pretty pictures, and epic locations is the ability to capture those little perfect or imperfect moments.

SO, if you want REAL and AUTHENTIC moments and a photographer who will go to the ends of the earth for you! Then I’m your gal!

x Charlotte