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Backing up your photos ~ Wedding Photography Wanaka

At Charlotte Kiri Photography storing images professionally has been something I have put a lot of money and research into as I want to put every step in place to keep your precious memories are safe.

The procedures I follow are ~

  •  I have 2x Canon 5d mark iv and a mark iii camera which take dual memory card (in layman terms the two little cards which store your photos in my camera). I use reputable brands only for my memory cards usually Sandisk. This means that my camera is always recording to TWO memory cards, which if in an unlikely event a memory card did corrupt, then your photos are still backed up on another card and will be safe and sound.
  • When I shoot a wedding I use separate memory cards for every part of the day. For instance: one card for getting ready, one for service, one for reception ~ think of it like not putting all your eggs in one basket!
  • When I get home from a job I upload my memory cards directly onto my WD server with RAID. It backs up the images twice, once to the server then once to a cloud, so all the photos are backed up three times in total. In the unlikely event of a fire then your photos will be safe on a cloud.
  • All imaging is delivered on Pixieset online gallery which will be up for a year after your event – so they are backed up a 4th time.


What you can do to keep your photos safe once they’re delivered ~

I keep all my client’s photos for a year after their session. After this time it’s your responsibility to have downloaded and backed them all up. I recommend printing your images – which I can do for you and to make a wedding album, so you have a hard copy too – I can help organise all of this for you! Take a look at the beautiful Queensbury Wedding Albums we offer here.

You can buy a WD home system there are a range of types and prices from your local computer store and I would recommend backing your photos up to a cloud too, so if something happened in the unlikely event of a flood, fire etc then you would still have your images. There are a lot of smaller cheaper hard-drive brands, you can use but in my experience buying a system for your home will work out cheaper in the long run and be less time-consuming. No matter what brand you choose to buy I recommend backing up at-least twice as a bare minimum.

We are in a day and age where so many people just share photos online on social media, but social media channels and online presences are changing regularly and if you haven’t printed and backed up your images they may get lost! Remember our grandparents and how many photos lasted from the war – it was because they were hard copies – print your photos out, you won’t regret it!

Make sure you aren’t relying on technology to keep things safe, computers give up the ghost, hard drives can have issues. I want to be the old lady at the nursing home with my table full of wedding and family photos and I want YOU to be enjoying your photos at 95 years-old too!


X Charlotte