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We spent the most beautiful day at The Lookout Lodge with Nicole and Cam.

Since it seems to be a bit of a tradition of mine to now say all my favourite parts of this wedding here I go:

* The ceremony was so beautiful with Nicole’s mum walking her up the isle which was so sweet and special
* One of the flowers girls which was Cam’s niece did a very special reading, she read so well in front of so many people it was really amazing
* When I first met Cam and Nicole I asked them where they wanted their wedding photos.. most people coming down to Wanaka want mountains… Cam was like “I want a forest..” I didn’t have the heart to say it is so hard to find good forests in Wanaka so went on a crazy mission to find Cam a forest. I stumbled upon an epic one, but it was private property so slipped my business card in their mail box and the land owners rung me that night so say we could use it – so grateful to them for letting us use such a beautiful spot! Thank you amazing Wanaka locals!
* The dance floor was going off by 9pm like everybody up dancing the band The Plus Ones were EPIC even – the flower girls were the star of the show on the dance floor
* All week it had predicted rain and it was the most beautiful overcast day with bits of sun!
* Cam got a bit choked up in the ceremony which was super lovely even though seeing this post he will probably deny the fact that it happened
* Bridal party photo attached was their impression of walking drunk – hilarious
* We corked a bottle of MOET and I made cam shake it up so so much it was awesome
* Cam can juggle pinecones in his wedding attire I have photos to prove he can below!
* Cam and Nicole have known each other since high school, so it was so cool after 10 years they tied the knot
* Nicole is a doctor which I think is pretty amazing…smart and beautiful- you’re a lucky man Cam!
* We saw and photographed a shooting star outside the lodge when we went to take some astro photos when we were leaving last pic see if you can see the shooting star- what a cool omen for married life!

Enjoy married life guys

x Char

Vendors ~
* Venue: Look Out lodge
* Brides dress Grace Loves Lace
* Cams suit Vietnam, Groomsmen Hallenstein Brothers
* Hair ~ friend of the bride
* Makeup: GemmaMakeUp Wanaka
* Cake: White Rabbit Cakes NZ
* Flowers: Wanaka Wedding Flowers
* Celebrant: Caitlin Harvey
* Band: The Plus Ones


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