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Rachael & Dom ~

The wedding story ( from my point of view). At 4am I lay awake hearing the rain pelting on the roof of my house and I couldn’t sleep I knew Rach and Dom had flown all the way to NZ for a wedding infront of the mountains – this wasn’t just any rain it was sideways torrential rain. The morning of the wedding we drove across to Queenstown in heavy snow…It was going from bad to worse before my eyes.

I was instagram messaging Rachel telling her we would have a epic day and make it super fun even though the weather was so bad… It will be fine! Not sure I was convincing Rach, but I was trying!

I said quite a few prayers (may have used my quota for the year).

Well you will never believe it, but the sun came out and the torrential rain stopped! Rach and Dom got the most beautiful epic outside ceremony with blue sky!

Their day was a joy to be at everyone was so lovely to us. You can tell how awesome a couple usually is by who they chose to keep company with and all their friends & family were a joy to be around!

After the ceremony a artist came up to Bruno (my husband/second shooter) and told him she had painted Rach & Dom’s wedding – i’ve attached a pic because it was so neat!

Enjoy married life team! I know you will enjoy many years to come!

x Char

Venue: Omer Park and Public Kitchen & Bar
Celebrant: Your Big Day – Queenstown Wedding Celebrant
Hair: Beautiful Bridal Hair
Makeup: I Am Makeup
Ceremony Florist: The Sisters
Reception florist: The Floweroom Queenstown
Hire props: Queenstown Wedding Hire


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